01 Apr 2019

1 Year In: A Review of The Home Staging Association’s Best Reads

1 Year In: A Review of The Home Staging Association’s Best Reads
By Nik Maryam Binti Nik Mohd Ariff


While the home staging industry has been growing for years and continues to expand worldwide, it has only been nearly a year since the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland came to be. Established with the aim of providing support, information, education and networking opportunities for all professionals in the field as well as their suppliers and partners, we have witnessed a rising interest in home staging among estate agents and homeowners within 2018 alone. To celebrate the Association’s first anniversary this month and the significant milestones this industry has achieved, we’ve decided to highlight some of our main feature articles published over the past year, ranging from interior styling tips to property marketing how-tos:


26 January 2018
Property Photography - Maximise Your Listing's Potential

As the very first article to be featured on HSA’s official page, this piece underscores the importance of photographing your property before listing it, complete with a short and simple guide from SpacePhoto on how to dress the space up for a photoshoot.


24 February 2018
Nordic Light: Home Staging in Sweden

Renowned for its modern furnishing, natural materials and monochromatic palette, here’s a look at one of the most globally popular interior trends to grace the 21st century, the Scandinavian style, and how it has impacted Sweden’s approach to home staging.   


1 May 2018
Sleep Like The Royals

If you’re looking to imbue your home with a regal ambience, try starting with the space that you likely spend the better chunk of your life in as the Pad Stylist team lays down their top 10 tips to help you design a palatial master bedroom of your very own!


1 June 2018
Choosing The Right Estate Agency

While home staging is one part of boosting your property’s value and sellability, it goes hand in hand with hiring a team of estate agents that can offer you professional advice and marketing strategies that suit your property best. Here’s a quick guide by Roman Estates on how to choose the right estate agency.


3 June 2018
5 Reasons Not To Work With A Home Stager

If you’re still in doubt as to whether or not home staging is worth the price, take a look at this article as it tackles the 5 biggest worries and misconceptions that have probably crossed the mind of any homeowner.


2 July 2018
Declutter To Sell

Clearing out one’s excess items and personal belongings is a crucial step that a homeowner needs to take before commencing any staging work if they want to make the best impression when putting their property on the market. Organising expert Vicky Silverthorn shows us how!


1 August 2018
Property Dressing In The UK: How Did It Begin?

As an Association that strives to strengthen our local home staging industry, we love taking a look back on the industry’s early days of conception in the UK and who better to relay its history than one of our own Members, Cullum Design whose family business was one of the first few companies here to develop the idea of property dressing?


1 September 2018
How Long Will It Take To Sell My House

Property marketing is a multi-pronged strategy that can make or break a house’s ability to sell if one of the components is lacking. Sam and Phil from Ashdown Jones break down their ‘5 Golden Rules’ to ensure that your house sale doesn’t cross the red line.  


1 December 2018
Lemon and Lime's Zing: Reaching High Value in Warwickshire

One of our favourite home staging success stories is Lemon and Lime Interiors’ project in Warwickshire where they transformed a 5-bedroom period property that was struggling to sell into a high value home desired by many.


1 January 2019
After the Holidays… Lighten up with House Doctor

It’s not a proper article review if it doesn’t include a word of advice from our Founding Member, House Doctor. This feature involves a basic lesson on one of the main aspects of interior design, one that determines the mood of a room or space: lighting.


1 February 2019
The Role of Home Staging in a Growingly Stagnant Property Market

In this piece, we take a look at the muted growth in the UK housing market last year, what that could spell for homeowners in 2019 and the increasingly significant role Home Staging will play in their property marketing plans.


1 March 2019
Sustainability: A 2019 Interior Trend

With people currently seeking more environmentally friendly options for anything they buy or sell, it didn’t take long for the concept to permeate interior trends as well. This article examines what the word ‘sustainability’ means for interior design and home staging moving forward.


Happy reading and be sure to browse our new website where we are constantly featuring more articles like this for you to check out!


Images: credits inside each article.


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