02 Jul 2018

Declutter to Sell

Decluttering Advice For Selling Your Home By Vicky Silverthorn.

There are several ways of improving your home to sell it faster - and better. Some can be extreme and expensive, but others can be quite straight-forward, practical and most importantly, budget-friendly.

Among them is the famous and effective technique of decluttering. Clearing your home off excess items and personal belongings is a go-to tool for most home stagers and professional organisers.

The Home Staging Association spoke to the professional organiser/declutter diva Vicky Silverthorn to get some key advices for selling your home.

Vicky Silverthorn is one of the UK's most sought-after professional organisers, and author of Start With Your Sock Drawer. She has helped everyone from celebrities to families declutter and simplify their homes.

1    When you’re looking at decluttering in order to sell your home don’t just look at the contents look at the furniture as well. How much bigger could your room look if you removed a piece or two? 

2    Look at your walls, glance around your home and envisage how much more spacious your room could look without large amount of photos filling the space. Your taste may be a wall full of pictures but to potential buyers it might be different. 

3    Clear your surfaces - when it comes to staging your home, less is more and objects that have sentimental value to you have to be taken out of the equation, if your prime objective is to sell your home.  

4    Soft furnishings should be cosy but not over done, the more that’s filling a room the more distraction there is to a buyer. A bed with ten cushions isn’t the look you should be going for in this specific instance. 

5    If you’re going to use a storage facility ensure you have time frame in mind. People often up leaving items in storage for years and the costs outweighs the contents  

6    Remember buyers may want to look at all the storage in your home so people might want to investigate any built in wardrobes or cupboard space. cramming your storage space full of stuff you don’t want out on display is absolutely not the method you should be using so declutter first and organise your space to make it look as appealing and spacious as possible. Storage can be key for potential buyers.

7    Don’t panic at the thought of staging your home ready for sale. The main thing is to get started and remember you don’t have to do it all in a day. Start small and work room by room when you’re decluttering.


Want to learn more techniques or find out more about professional organising? 

Vicky and her team at You Need a Vicky are constantly hosting events, please visit their website for more information.

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