03 Jun 2018 By Gill Wilkinson

5 Reasons Not To Work With A Home Stager

By Gill Wilkinson from GMW Interiors

So you’ve made that big decision to put your much-loved home on the market and move on to pastures new.

You may have heard of home staging (the process of getting your home ready for sale so that it appeals to the biggest number of potential buyers and sells quickly and for the best possible price) and you may have even considered speaking to a Home Staging Consultant but subsequently decided against it.

So let’s look at the 5 main reasons behind that decision NOT to hire a home stager

1.   You don’t need to spend money on your home when you’re selling

We totally get this; you’re moving on and looking forward to putting your own stamp on your new place so why would you ‘spend’ your hard-earned on some thing you’re leaving behind for your new buyers to benefit from?

In terms of staging it’s important to look at money spent as an investment rather than a cost; by investing in making sure your home looks the best it possibly can when it goes on the market you’re ensuring it will ooze buyer appeal and will instantly attract a stream of folk keen to make it their next home. Not only that but you’re also avoiding the inevitable price reduction your Agent will recommend when it doesn’t sell within those important initial weeks.

2.   Friends and family have told you your home is beautiful and will definitely sell quickly

And they may be absolutely right and that may well happen. However, home staging isn’t an interior design project; it’s about working to tight timescales, tight budgets and it’s definitely NOT about your personal taste. It’s about making your home appeal to the widest possible audience and being able to see your home through the eyes of a potential buyer which is particularly important if you a somewhat quirky taste when it comes to interiors.

3.   We’ll end up with something that doesn’t feel like home and isn’t our taste

Staging your home will mean living slightly differently for the duration of it being on the market. This is why show homes work so well. It’s all about clearing the decks, adopting a less is more approach and de-personalising. But this doesn’t mean stripping the personality from the property but scaling back on your own personal items that will be on display. Once this is done the tasteful lifestyle elements of the property can be showcased.

4.   There are things you’d like to update but you’ll leave those to the new buyers

It’s really important to tackle those ‘getting round to it’ jobs before even considering instructing and Agent. You may no longer notice what needs updating but potential buyers will and any major works will be highlighted at the point of the survey (where 11% of house sales fall through) so ignoring them isn’t an option.

Once you start viewing properties for your own move you’ll be far more critical and much quicker to spot potential issues; the key is to adopt that same level of critique to your own home.

5.   I don’t like what I’ve seen on TV in terms of staging

Always remember that what you see on screen is made for television and not necessarily a true reflection of real life. Yes home stagers do work to tight budgets and a staple gun and Velcro are an important part of their armoury but ‘charity shop chic’ is by no means the norm. Staging work is specifically tailored to the style of each individual property, its target market and asking price so that the aspirational lifestyle element of every house purchase is showcased.

GMW Interiors is led by Gill Wilkinson, a qualified Interior Designer, a certified Home Staging and Property Styling professional and House Doctor® Consultant. Gill trained with House Doctor® Ann Maurice of Channel 5 television and is a member of the Home Staging Network.

Based in Darlington, GMW Interiors provides Interior Design and Property Staging services to create inspirational spaces that make the most of your living or workspace. To learn more please visit www.gmwinteriors.co.uk

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