27 Apr 2018

How To Choose The Right Removals Company

Featuring The Stager's Favourite: White Van Gentlemen


Most people have no idea but working with Home Staging involves a lot more than just placing beautiful accessories here and there.

There’s a lot of work happening in the background so a property can be styled and look magazine-ready at the end of a project.

One of the many important steps of the process is having the right staff to transport and install all pieces of furniture and accessories that will be used – and although it may sound like a straight-forward and relatively simple job, not many people can do it.

Hiring the right removals company can make all the difference in a Home Staging project’s success, from keeping the inventory safe and scratch-free, to having all pieces installed on time, in the right place and with no damage to the property in any sense. After all, we all know there’s only so many smudges on the wall that you can clean with a magic sponge!

With such a long list of things that need attention, Home Stagers find it easier to count on reliable professionals to make their work easier and more efficient – and that’s how we ran into the White Van Gentlemen.

We spoke to Max Dickinson about why a removals company is key when completing a project successfully, and how to choose the right one for the job.

Home Staging Association: How did the idea of founding the White Van Gentlemen come up and when? 
Max Dickinson: White Van Gentlemen was started by my friend and business partner Angus Elphinstone. Angus bought his first van in 2005, at first it was helping friends and family with deliveries and things started to grow quite quickly through word of mouth after that. We now have a fleet of vehicles, a warehouse, storage facilities and a large team of gentlemen. 

HSA: When you started the company, did you think you would be this sought after by Home Staging companies? 
MD: Working with home stagers is something we fell in to, and in all honesty didn't know too much about to start with. Once we had worked with a few companies we began to understand what was most important to them, like efficiency and communication. Fortunately, we have some fantastically loyal clients that have helped Home staging to become a core part of our business. 

“We move all kinds of weird and wonderful things”

HSA: What are your main services? Please tell us how your services help home stagers and designers.
MD: We offer a wide range of services from Domestic and Commercial moves to multi-drop furniture delivery, for both high street and online furniture stores.
Our key services that attract Home stagers are our storage and inventory management solutions as well as site installations themselves.
For designers we offer a receiving and checking service with inventory management so that they can order furniture straight to us. We check it over and give a condition report, we then re-wrap it and store it until delivery to site is required.

HSA: Who are your main clients?
MD: We have lots of great clients, too many to mention them all. Lombok furniture, Made.com, Swoon, Decoroom, Burbeck Interiors, RFR, Turner Pocock, Palladian London, Tufenkian, Yohan May to name a few!

HSA: How do you stay competitive in your market?
MD: With increasing demand for the cheapest prices I think it’s important to stay true to your values. We know that we aren't the cheapest company in the market but we like to think we are the best value for money. If you concentrate on providing a great service every time then I think you are staying competitive.

HSA: What was the most difficult removal/install you had to do?
MD: We move all kinds of weird and wonderful things but most recently a 3.5 x 2.5m garden table made of stone and decorated in small mosaic tiles. Not only was it extremely heavy, it was also very old and fragile. The difficulty was that the table was positioned in a courtyard with a house built around it. With a combination of purpose-built structures and various bits of lifting equipment we figured out a way to manoeuvre the table through and out of the house. I’d say that was up there with the trickier removals we have carried out.

HSA: What was the most curious delivery/item that you had to sign for?
MD: We haven’t had to sign for anything too out of the ordinary. Just the standard replica firearms, life size dolls and some slightly questionable nude artworks.

HSA: Do you have any tips for those looking to hire a removal team?
MD: Trust your instincts, try and hire a professional company rather than any old man and van service. You won’t believe how many customers regret not paying that little bit more! 

To contact the White Van Gentlemen and enquire about their services, please visit their website www.whitevangentlemen.com

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