03 Jun 2018

Landscape That Sells

How Gardens Complement A Property's Potential - by Alice Welter

Landscape architecture is, by definition, the practice of designing outdoor space. It can be worked on different levels to improve aesthetics, usability and comfort on a given space. In terms of residential property, a branch of landscape architecture, known as "garden design", will make use of certain elements, in a smaller scale, to create specific characteristics for a determined use of the outdoor area, be it social activities or contemplative ones.

The design of a home garden does not have to cost a fortune to add value to the property.  It is always recommended to hire a professional, be it an architect or a designer, as they are trained to make the most out of the site's features on the client's budget, but with some specific elements, one can easily change the overall look of a property. Wall tiling and flooring come in a good amount of options. Wood will bring warmth, stone refers to more rustic environments. Cement, concrete and iron will bring an urban or industrial touch to the space. Eco-decking is environment-friendly and low-maintenance. Water can work both as a focal point or as a sound barrier for noisy streets or neighborhoods. Vegetation isn't always necessary to compose a garden (especially if you go for a minimalist design), but they do add life and some softness to the space. A vast extension of lawn can be very charming, yet very time-consuming to maintain. Be extra careful when designing the lighting of the outdoor space, as it will enrich the garden experience by enhancing some special features and, of course, by making it possible for the space to be used during night time. Always try to match indoor and outdoor designing style, so that your garden will be an extension of your home.

By working those basic elements, one will bring coziness to the space and the home will feel especially welcoming. As a bonus, with the aesthetic gain, the property will attract possible buyers, after all, the outdoor space and the façade will always work as property's marketing.

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