27 Apr 2018

Property Photography: Maximise Your Listing's Potential

Maximise Your Listing's Potential

When listing a property for sale, you have only two seconds to grab the buyer’s attention without a photo, and twenty seconds with a photo. According to PR Newswire, listings with professional photographs sell 32% faster.

Not only staging a property will make it sell faster and for more money, but having it professionally photographed will increase the chances of achieving that.

According to Peter Bauman, SpacePhoto’s Director, the better the packaging you wrap around your product, the more value it seems to have – and that would be the images you use to finalise your ad.

SpacePhoto started solely with photography, but currently provide a variety of services to the real estate industry, as they’ve realised with time that some properties are ready for photos and some are far from ready.

They visit more than 20 properties daily and because they are still amazed with the results one can get from the powerful combination between home staging and professional photography, their Director Peter Bauman shares a few tips om how to make your property look good for photos at no extra cost:

- Remove all the items from tables, window sills, kitchen work tops, bath sides and shower cabinets. This will open up the space and give the impression of a more spacious and bigger place

- Hide all unnecessary items in wardrobes or any storage space and keep all to minimum. The clutter will reduce the available space in the property, making it look smaller to the eyes of the potential buyer.

- If you run out of storage space, store the items in bags or boxes. That way the photographer can move things in and out of rooms in a more efficient manner when arriving to take the pictures.

- Another option is to store the items in hallways for the shoot, as most of the cases hallways are not featured on listing images.

Peter cleverly stated, “you’re not the only one trying to sell. If you don’t show what you have in the best way possible, it will be hard to sell. Buyers will always choose the staged homes with nice photography over the empty, plain looking ones”.

For more information on SpacePhoto and their photography and 3D tour services, please access their website www.spacephoto.co.uk

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