04 May 2018

Home Staging On The Coast

What Stands Out In The Sea Of Properties

When you think coastal interiors, what comes to mind? Seascape canvases, pebbles and seashells, whitewashed colour schemes, cool shades of blue, white linen furnishing and a wicker chest-style coffee table. Right? Absolutely! But when it comes to Home Staging in the Coast, the reality is not necessarily so holiday-like.

Whenever there is a property for sale, there will be a developer or an estate agent ready to sell faster, whether it’s in London or in Bournemouth. The need for making the most of a property’s selling potential is everywhere, and everyone wants to stand out.

In this sea of properties, we found Coral Interiors. Launched in 2014 and run by Interior Designer Helen Winter, Coral Interiors provides residential interior design and home staging in Dorset and Hampshire.

We had a chat with Helen to learn more about her Staging business, and to understand the differences found in the Staging market in various regions around the UK.


Home Staging Association: Where did the idea of founding Coral Interiors come from?
Helen Winter: I launched Coral Interiors to provide residential interior design and home staging in Dorset and Hampshire. I love helping homeowners create the home of their dreams, but home staging is the more practical end of Interior design and has a clear return on investment. Staging is about creating an emotional pull on your buyers to maximise interest and in turn increase your chances of selling at or above asking price, and much faster than a vacant property. Staging helps you drive the sale process and get the best result, rather than feel at the mercy of the whims of the market.

HSA: Who are your main clients and what services are the most requested ones?
HW: My main clients are estate agents and property developers, and generally they come to me when they’ve tried to sell a new development un-staged without success. Every house has a drawback or tricky room or area and staging helps draw attention away from those areas and enhance the positives.

HSA: In your opinion, what would be the main difference between staging a home in the South Coast and staging a home in London?
HW: London’s vibe is more about arts, culture, foreign travel and has a more international style. This is reflected in furniture, art and accessories and the stronger colours you’re more likely to see in London. With coastal property, you’re selling a slightly more relaxed lifestyle, with a more airy feel. Many people move to Bournemouth and the South Coast from London and they want to feel different when they’re by the sea.

“It’s important to avoid cliches of coastal style. You don’t need ‘beach hut chic’, with bunting and anchor motifs everywhere.”

HSA: What are your go-to accessories and pieces of furniture?
HW: It’s all about the lamps and the faux flowers! It would be great to use real flowers, but it’s not an option in an empty property so I arrange seasonal faux ones. Lighting is a huge part of any scheme and we live in such exciting times, with all the options LED lighting gives us now. Even the bulbs look cool! I love a console table in the hallway, with a mirror over and statement lamps on bedside tables.

HSA:  What style helps sell faster/rent more when staging on the coast?
HW: It’s important to avoid cliches of coastal style. You don’t need ‘beach hut chic’, with bunting and anchor motifs everywhere, allude to the coastal vibe with a colour palette of pale neutrals blended with blue/green colours and soft tonal stripes. A beautiful seascape or a triptych of coral illustrations will set the scene without screaming seaside. The beautiful light we get here means windows should be unfettered by heavy ornate drapes - plantation shutters are ever-popular and are a great selling point.

HSA: Do you have any tips on how to stage a home to make that coastal holiday feeling last all year?
HW: I would say the coastal look is about light and space and soft palette of blues and greens. Texture is key as coastal design is pared down and simple, so rather than ostentatious patterns, we can introduce mixed fabrics, blending linen throws for summer and chunkier knitted ones for the winter months. Lanterns are a great look all year round, cluster a few of them together in different sizes and styles or go for a nickel finish or mercuried glass for interest.


  Open plan living area after staging Coral Interiors

Open plan living area after staging
Coral Interiors

  New England style bedroom Coral Interiors

New England style bedroom
Coral Interiors


Learn more about Coral Interiors by visiting their website: www.coralinteriors.co.uk

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