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10 Common Mistakes in Online Meetings and How to Avoid Them


The spread of the vicious COVID-19 has urged businesses to rethink their working habits and strategies. This resulted in the increasing popularity of digital alternatives such as online meetings and task trackers. ... Read full article

Preparing for a Post COVID-19 Property Buying Environment

by Property Solvers Investors on

It’s clear that COVID-19, the condition caused by the strain of coronavirus that is at the heart of the current pandemic, will have a considerable effect on the world’s economy for some time to come.... Read full article

Empty Developments Lead to Empty Pockets

by sort style and stage on

At sort style and stage we know that staging a property helps speed up the sale of a development and in many cases doing so at a higher value. With a wealth of experience working on apartments and large homes, we’re here to help. ... Read full article

Coronavirus – A Double-Edged Sword

by Laila Toema - HSA on

Coronavirus and COVID-19 have sadly become new additions to our everyday vocabulary. They are the focus of our attention, our choice of viewing and our main topic of conversation.... Read full article

Mastering "Juggling" with Natalie Evans of Little Barn Door

by Natalie Evans on

I have never been a fan of the term, “juggling”. Never….I’m not a clown in a circus - I am just a busy business owner with family commitments, which doesn’t mean my actions resemble the comical movements of a red nosed circus character.... Read full article

The Impacts of Covid-19 on Property and Home Staging

by Paloma Harrington-Griffin on

We all remember 2008, when house prices plummeted by 16 per cent, suffering their biggest drop on record until then. The effects of coronavirus on the property market are now starting to show.... Read full article

How To Sell Your Property In Times Of COVID-19

by Paloma Harrington-Griffin on

2020 started off amazingly well for a large majority of Home Stagers and property professionals, with a post-election boost and the moods being as positive as they had been since Brexit was announced.... Read full article

Home Staging Report 2020


We are currently collecting data for the Home Staging Report 2020.. Estate. Agents and Property Developers: please submit your answers so we can build the most comprehensive and helpful Home Staging Report yet.... Read full article

Company Profile: Post Prentis Design

by Olivia Prentis on

A modest investment in staging or styling a property can result in both better prices and faster sales. In 2019 85% of estate agents reported that a staged home sells up to three times faster than a non-staged property.... Read full article

Danielle Sinclair Design Launches Cardboard Home Staging

by Danielle Sinclair on

Danielle Sinclair is an Interior Designer and Home Stager based in Oxfordshire and like a lot of us gets quite excited about adding new products to her portfolio. ... Read full article


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