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Q&A with James Turner from Viberent

by James Turner on

James Turner is the CEO of Viberent, an inventory management platform for the furniture, styling & events industries. He talked to The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland on his “organic” route into the Home Styling industry and more. ... Read full article

Company Profile: Designed To Sell

by Jackie Plant on

I’ve been a Graphic Designer for most of my life, and originally I did a local interior design course for personal interest. However, I loved it and continued it for three years. I ended up doing a Ciity and Guilds in Interior Design and a short...... Read full article

Tips to Build Your Brand on Social Media

by Chris Harman - Parent on

This month — Social media, and our top tips to build your brand on ‘the Gram’ (and the others). There’ll no doubt be some obvious ones you know, but hopefully some gems you hadn’t discovered.... Read full article

Milc Isn’t Just For Coffee

by Milc on

Milc is an award-winning interior design studio that has been established for over 14 years now. It was founded in 2004 by two innovative interior designers and best friends – Polly Haley and Heidi Clark. ... Read full article

Casa e Progetti - Virtual Staging As A Tool

by Casa e Progetti on

Virtual Staging is a tool that can be used to demonstrate to buyers an Interior Designed scheme within a property, transforming it from a space into a home. ... Read full article

First Day of Viewings & Two Asking Price Offers

by Jane Lee on

Specialising in occupied homes, Jane is passionate about the power of home staging to get people moving. Her consultations can save sellers thousands as she often advises on areas where they don’t need to splash out, alongside her budget-friendl... Read full article

Affordable Art Tailored to Your Interior

by Kerry Hussain on

As any home stager and interior stylist knows art adds the finishing touch to a room and now a new initiative from artist Kerry Hussain means property professionals can commission original pieces tailored to their individual design schemes for a frac... Read full article

Tropical Trend: Hot For The Summer

by Charlotte Jade on

This summer, the tropical trend seems to have taken over more than ever. From beautiful patterns, gorgeous exotic inspired interiors or real, lush tropical plants, a variety of styles can be found all across the design world. ... Read full article

An Interview with Interior Architect Elizabeth Danon: The Rise of Holistic Interior Therapy


An esteemed pioneer in her field, Elizabeth Danon has without doubt revitalized the world of Home Staging. Since studying Interior Architecture at University, Elizabeth felt the calling and passion for making different spaces work for people.... Read full article

The Emotional Impact of Photography

by Aga Engelien on

A well-known proverb says "The eyes are the window to the soul and a picture is worth a thousand words". A photograph can tell about time and space and how things have evolved or remained the same.... Read full article


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