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Tropical Trend: Hot For The Summer

by Charlotte Jade on

This summer, the tropical trend seems to have taken over more than ever. From beautiful patterns, gorgeous exotic inspired interiors or real, lush tropical plants, a variety of styles can be found all across the design world. ... Read full article

An Interview with Interior Architect Elizabeth Danon: The Rise of Holistic Interior Therapy


An esteemed pioneer in her field, Elizabeth Danon has without doubt revitalized the world of Home Staging. Since studying Interior Architecture at University, Elizabeth felt the calling and passion for making different spaces work for people.... Read full article

When Virtual and Real Staging Work Together - Introducing Casa e Progetti

by Zaid Shuhaiber on

We were formed after our Director, Zaid Shuhaiber, was introducing a private client to some investment properties around Central London a few years ago. The client only seemed interested in purchasing the show homes. He struggled with this new trend... Read full article

The Emotional Impact of Photography

by Aga Engelien on

A well-known proverb says "The eyes are the window to the soul and a picture is worth a thousand words". A photograph can tell about time and space and how things have evolved or remained the same.... Read full article

Instant Home Creates Real Homes with an Impressive Range of Furniture for Hire


Instant home regularly provides furniture hire to a wide variety of clients including individuals and professionals relocating to the UK, people setting up a new home, families who have been displaced due to fire or flood and as of late more and...... Read full article

An Interview with Pippa Cowling of D.I. Designs


Home Stagers are always looking for the best pieces for that one project. We need it to be exclusive, it needs to fit the budget and it can't take 3 months to be delivered.... Read full article

Natasha Rocca Devine on How to Become an Interior Stylist


We spoke to award-winning interior designer Natasha Roca Devine of NRD Interiors about her story, trends and how to become an interior stylist.... Read full article

The Versatility of Virtual Staging


In today’s connected world, virtual consultations are becoming increasingly popular throughout the interior design industry as they provide an affordable, fast and convenient way of styling projects or living spaces exactly how you want...... Read full article

Tori Prince and the Story Behind Stageforce


Tori Prince is a dynamic entrepreneur who has become the Subject Matter Expert on Home Staging and Inventory Management. “Design is just who I am."... Read full article

3 Reasons Home Stylists MUST Catalogue Their Inventory

by Viberent on

As a home stylist you have a creative talent. You understand space, textures and colours better than most and when a well styled property goes to market, you can really make a difference.... Read full article


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