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Natalie Stages: It's July

by Natalie Evans on

I don’t know about you, but the moment that lockdown was eased for the property market, I was in shock.... Read full article

Virtual Tour for Pre-Build Marketing

by Zaid Shuhaiber on

HSA Founding Member Casa e Progetti has integrated a few services together to create a new Virtual Tour for Pre Build Marketing for Property Developers.... Read full article

Close The Site Sales Office And Move On...

by Denise Cable on

In order for developers to keep the cash flowing and keep the business growing, they need to maximise the value of each development and move onto the next project. A common issue is with closing the last few remaining sales. These may be the plots wh... Read full article

Foxy Home Staging Shares the Secret of Revolutionary Quoting Tool

by Jake Shorter on

When it comes to putting a price tag on home staging services, it’s not uncommon for business owners to miss the importance of spending time to figure out the right pricing model. ... Read full article

Inhouse Photography Extends Services to Home Stagers!

by Inhouse Photography on

Inhouse Photography is a small team of Professional Photographers, Designers and Digital Re-touchers specialising in Interior Photography.... Read full article

What is Virtual Staging (With A Case Study from Casa e Progetti)

by Zaid Shuhaiber on

Virtual staging is a powerful way of creating home staging images. It is where the interior design of a property is modelled using a graphic editor, meaning that furniture and other design elements can be digitally placed in a room.... Read full article

Style My Home Case Study

by Caroline Pickering on

Style My Home Tunbridge Wells is an independent interior design company founded in 2004 by interior design specialist, Caroline Pickering. ... Read full article

Dress To Sell Speeds Up Sale of Prime Property

by Roomservice by CORT on

The Pool House at Oversley Castle Estate is a stunning, one-off home, so when Piers Daniell, the entrepreneur behind its transformation, came to put it onto the market, he wanted the interior design to show the property off at its best. ... Read full article

Why I Was Reluctant To Go Virtual - By Little Barn Door

by Natalie Evans on

When I launched Little Barn Door the vision was a “physical” one. Physically moving furniture and presenting an environment that completely transformed a space. Not just through appearance, but through experience.... Read full article

Introducing Remote Home Staging From Dressed2Sell

by Jane Cooper on

With COVID-19 limiting movement and face-to-face meetings, award-winning homestaging consultancy, Dressed2Sell, has drawn on its previous experience of helping absent landlords wanting assistance with UK properties.... Read full article


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