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How to Bring a Holiday to Your Home 

by Isabella Light for HSA on

2020 has seen our work and leisure worlds condensed. With the home set to remain the sole refuge for so many in the months ahead, hopes of a summer getaway drift further into the abyss. ... Read full article

Project Of The Month: Little Barn Door

by Natalie Evans on

Project of the Month: Little Barn Door... Read full article

Prepare Your Home For A Summer Sale

by Laila Toema - Home Staging Association UK & Ireland on

With Summer knocking on our doors, it is important that we adjust and prepare our homes to sell. Like Spring, Summer is also known to be a good time to sell, with the nice weather making our homes brighter and more appealing to potential buyers. ... Read full article

Prepare Your Home for Spring

by Laila Toema - Home Staging Association UK & Ireland on

We have Covid-19 and the lockdown to thank for giving us time to renovate and brighten up our homes for spring. ... Read full article

The Art of Decluttering: How to Make Your Home Feel More Zen During Lockdown

by Laila Toema – Home Staging Association UK & Ireland on

The lockdown has forced us all to stay home, at least for the foreseeable future, and to find comfort in our living spaces. However, it has also required us to notice how much our houses are cluttered with unnecessary items; more mess is more stress.... Read full article

Transforming Your Home Office

by Laila Toema – Home Staging Association UK & Ireland on

Covid-19 caught us all by surprise and we quickly needed to adjust. With the lockdown, many have found themselves working from home and needing a space to do so. ... Read full article

Introducing Remote Home Staging From Dressed2Sell

by Jane Cooper on

With COVID-19 limiting movement and face-to-face meetings, award-winning homestaging consultancy, Dressed2Sell, has drawn on its previous experience of helping absent landlords wanting assistance with UK properties.... Read full article

Lighting in a Small Room with a Low Ceiling


In interior design, low ceilings can be a setback. Without the right design tactic, the room may feel small. This entails the use of low profile ceiling fans with light and other kinds of lighting to avoid. ... Read full article

Tips for Staging Your Video Conference Backdrop

by Amanda Caley on

As video conferencing and online business meetings via Skype and other applications are going to become important tools for all of us over the coming weeks, here are a few tips to help you create a professional backdrop for your online meetings.... Read full article

Cardboard Sheets Will Sell Your Home!

by Danielle Sinclair on

With sustainability and eco-friendly products becoming highly fashionable and at the forefront of our client’s minds, our featured member Danielle Sinclair Design uses cardboard sheets to stage homes. ... Read full article


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