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The Power Of Virtual Staging - Case Studies by Property CGI Ltd


Home staging is a valuable tool when it comes to selling or renting properties faster. Indeed, quite often the final offer exceeds both the home owner and real estate agent expectations. ... Read full article

How To Stage A Property With Limited Time


When it comes to staging a property for sale, you have a lot to consider and some times you have limitations on what you can do. ... Read full article

How to Throw the Perfect Italian Dinner Party


While I was at university I shared a house with an Italian. One summer, he warmly invited me and my fiancé to his family home in Brescia, just a short drive from the shimmering aquamarine stretches of Lake Garda.... Read full article

How Interior Design Can Boost Property Value


Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just make it more luxurious, boosting its value is always a great idea. ... Read full article

Paloma Harrington-Griffin’s Five Top Picks to Invest In When Starting Your Business!


Starting a new business venture can be extremely invigorating but also incredibly daunting. You’ve spent months and months working on your project, your creation is finally coming to life and ready to be launched. ... Read full article

5 Top Picks That Will Make Your Home Ready For a Summer Sale


Just the thought of summer makes us beam with excitement, joy and ecstasy. Suddenly, no matter our age, we’re all feeling a little more carefree and ready for new experiences. ... Read full article

Colour Me Now, Stage Me Later! Your Spring’s Dilemmas Solved


Staging a home is no easy task. At this point you have probably already realised that it comes with a lot of research, commitment and education. Indeed there are so many things that you have to consider when you get down to the actual staging... Read full article

I Told Myself I Can Make This Work - with Maura Mackey

by Sandra Quinn on

How I pivoted my business during the pandemic... Read full article

Stunning New Candle From Award-Winning Designer Natasha Rocca Devine

by The Interiors NRD on

Entrepreneur, Natasha Rocca Devine, Ireland’s leading interior staging specialist announces second scented candle in her “The Secret Garden” collection created by Irish candlemaker La Bougie.... Read full article

Spring Selects


At HSA, we like to be prepared, especially when it comes to seasons! ... Read full article


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