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Why Owning Furniture is Overrated

by Laura Shepherd - roomservice by CORT on

Why renting furniture is the future for private renters. You can choose from furniture packages for your bedroom, dining room, living room and office, or add individual furniture pieces to your basket for an instant quote. ... Read full article

Stepping into Spring


Nothing brings out happiness like the sunshine! ... Read full article

Benefits of Making Your Home Eco-Friendly


Turning your home into the epitome of eco-friendliness isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it’s not as hard as people generally suspect it to be.... Read full article

Introducing Lick

by Lick on

In 2020, co-founders Lucas London and Sam Bradley launched Lick. It is a new home decor brand that specialises in eco-friendly paints, wallpapers, blinds and decorating supplies. ... Read full article

Designed to Sell – Introducing Online Sales

by Designed to Sell on

2020 was a very difficult year for so many people - both personally and for business. I am a partner at Designed to Sell Ltd - a Homestaging company based in Essex. ... Read full article

5 Tips to Get The Best Out of Your Home Staging Venture

by Alexandra Bosworth on

As we enter March and progress further into the year, it’s important to highlight progressing yourself, and your business. Across March, the HSA is promoting education and encouraging you to progress your knowledge to help your business flourish by s... Read full article

Project of the Month: presentingurproperty

by Catriona Bews on

presentingurproperty’s latest staging was a four-bedroom semi-detached Victorian villa recently refurbished property in Wormit Fife with the most outstanding river views over the Tay Rail Bridge and beyond. ... Read full article

8 Ways You Can Create A Beautiful Garden In A Small Space


Have a small space in your home? A garden is a great way to use up space and give your home a significant facelift.... Read full article

How Would You Modernise Your Home Before Renting


Many people assume renovating and modernising their home inevitably means huge investments, but it does not have to be the case.  If you want to modernise your home, especially if you have plans of renting it, there are numerous affordable fixes...... Read full article

Colour Trends 2021

by Anita Richardson on

What will be the trending colours for the year ahead and how can you use them in your designs.... Read full article


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