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Property Developers & Home Staging Professionals: A Perfect Match?

by Robert Jones on

The housing market is changing and for property developers, simply building homes in the right locations, is no longer enough. New properties in quality locations will always sell.... Read full article

5 Tips To Sell Your Home Before Brexit

by Monika Hofman on

Markets hate uncertainty. So, it’s no surprise that Brexit has got some house buyers and sellers worried. After all, it’s big unknown. As house prices fall (in some parts of the UK) and fears grow over base rate cuts, people are asking themselves...... Read full article

Affordable Art Tailored to Your Interior

by Kerry Hussain on

As any home stager and interior stylist knows art adds the finishing touch to a room and now a new initiative from artist Kerry Hussain means property professionals can commission original pieces tailored to their individual design schemes for a frac... Read full article

How Much Does Home Staging Cost


Many people fear the costs involved with staging a property, whether that being from using a professional staging company or furnishing your home individually. But the truth is, Home Staging doesn’t need to be overtly expensive... Read full article

Marketing A Small Business

by Marie Westerman Roberts on

I started my first small business several years ago, and I have found out the hard way that you can spend way too much money on marketing. I have learnt that you must be innovative and ready to take opportunities when it comes to market...... Read full article

Why Hire a Home Staging Professional?


In today’s competitive property market, one of the most efficient and profitable ways to sell a property fast is through Home Staging.... Read full article

Top Tips For Multi-Use Furniture from Vicky Silverthorn

by Vicky Silverthorn on

Just because your home doesn’t have a spare room and an office, doesn’t mean that you cannot create the space you need to work from home or have guests to stay!... Read full article

Tropical Trend: Hot For The Summer

by Charlotte Jade on

This summer, the tropical trend seems to have taken over more than ever. From beautiful patterns, gorgeous exotic inspired interiors or real, lush tropical plants, a variety of styles can be found all across the design world. ... Read full article

Top 10 Tips To Streamline Your Kitchen


Reposition kitchen contents where they most make sense. Think about location, prime location and accessibility. If you use something less frequently then place it in the harder to reach cupboards.... Read full article

The Emotional Impact of Photography

by Aga Engelien on

A well-known proverb says "The eyes are the window to the soul and a picture is worth a thousand words". A photograph can tell about time and space and how things have evolved or remained the same.... Read full article


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