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What You Should Know About The Property Market As Stamp Duty Holiday Comes To An End 


Last month we brought to your attention the extension of stamp duty holiday as part of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s measures to recover from the impact of the second lockdown. ... Read full article

All About Pricing: The Guide You Wouldn’t Want To Miss Is Here!


Pricing your services is always a tricky thing to do and one of those things that gives most Home Staging business owners’ a headache. ... Read full article

The Latest Updates From The Property Market


There is no better time to check out what’s happening in the property market business with the extension of stamp duty holiday until the end of June. ... Read full article

New Season, New Beginnings!


Spring got us all inspired and we want you to be part of everything that’s coming out of this newfound inspiration and motivation.... Read full article

Stunning New Candle From Award-Winning Designer Natasha Rocca Devine

by The Interiors NRD on

Entrepreneur, Natasha Rocca Devine, Ireland’s leading interior staging specialist announces second scented candle in her “The Secret Garden” collection created by Irish candlemaker La Bougie.... Read full article

Colour Me Now, Stage Me Later! Your Spring’s Dilemmas Solved


Staging a home is no easy task. At this point you have probably already realised that it comes with a lot of research, commitment and education. Indeed there are so many things that you have to consider when you get down to the actual staging... Read full article

5 Top Picks That Will Make Your Home Ready For a Summer Sale


Just the thought of summer makes us beam with excitement, joy and ecstasy. Suddenly, no matter our age, we’re all feeling a little more carefree and ready for new experiences. ... Read full article

Meet Eccotrading Design London

by Eccotrading Design London on

After 18 years of business, Eccotrading Design London are delighted to join the Home Staging Association.... Read full article

Use. Fix. Reuse. Repeat. Buy.

by Laura Shepherd on

It is nearing the end of National Recycle Week in the UK and many of us have been looking at how we can recycle more often and more effectively. ... Read full article

When Real Estate Meets Home Staging


The arrival of Spring and the easing of lockdown restrictions have significantly impacted the mood of all of us and we’re all starting to see things from a brighter perspective. ... Read full article


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