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Artist Spotlight: How Art Aids Home Staging

Art in a staged property brings potential and adds that finishing touch. At HSA we believe unique paintings stand out and even help a client to remember a property. It brings unforgettable character, but we believe it goes beyond the painting. 

This is why we got in contact with Adrian Reynolds of Ren Creative Works to get to know more about him, his work as an artist and what he uses as inspiration. 

Adrian resides in Ireland where Home Staging is excelling every day. He offers unique commissions to help clients homes’ reach their full potential. Ren Creative Works was set up in March 2020 with lockdown changing Adrian’s approach, a truly inspiring artist. 

Join us in getting to know Adrian and his paintings better! 

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am originally from Luton, England, of both English and Irish heritage, and have been living in Dublin, Ireland for a number of years.

From an early age I have always been interested in the aesthetics and assembly of objects. Commencing with childhood doodling at Primary School, Art and Design at High School and an intensive Foundation Art Program at College. This provided me with a visual vocabulary in the materials, techniques, language, concepts and processes of making, using and thinking about art.

I graduated from Wolverhampton University in 1996, completing a BA Hons in Three-Dimensional Design – Ceramics. This fantastic course introduced me to both Studio and Industrial Ceramic techniques ranging from: throwing, printing, mould making, slip casting, hand building, chemistry-based glaze research and firing techniques. This was also accompanied by contextual studies of 20th Century Design.

I was very fortunate to have my ceramic work exhibited at the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum, London, under the pseudonym of ‘G.Laze’ aka Glaze.

After a long creative hiatus, for a variety of reasons, Ren Creative Works was launched at the start of 2020.


What kind of paintings do you do?

I am currently exploring the techniques of acrylic pouring. This technique is characterized by the lack of control in the process and the challenge this poses.

In the modern world we strive to control everything and always try to maintain a grip on the situation.

Acrylic Fluid Painting allows you to let go of the wheel, and embrace the elements of luck, chance, trial and error, culminating in an output of sheer randomness. Even though this might be difficult and unfamiliar, it can enable you to create something amazing, unexpected and unique.

Although the medium is different, the technique is reminiscence of the Ceramic process and beautifully executed Crystalline glazes. This is a speciality glaze used by Ceramists, combining Zinc Oxide and Silica, which creates a visible and distinct crystal growth in the matrix of the fired glaze.

Through the use of a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that continue challenging boundaries, I aim to maintain a fresh and irreverent approach to my work.


What inspires you to paint?

There are so many things that inspire me to paint from photographs, own experience, observation, and imagination. The process of creating artwork, and having total control to make decisions is very liberating.  I need a creative outlet, particularly at the moment.

I want to make a positive impact in people's lives, and enhance either their living or work spaces. The quest is not to create cookie cutter art. Most importantly, I also want to set an ‘art’ example to my daughter who is also very talented.

What is your favourite painting to date?

My favourite artwork is the next one I am to do, because for me the process is about continually learning and developing.

I like the following quote by Andy Warhol;
“Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”


How do you think your paintings are unique?

There is only one of me, my training, experiences and therefore these are unique to me.  My method of painting results in one of a kind, original artworks that are not easily duplicated. 

My work is available by special commission, and I will endeavour to create a very similar artwork if you have spotted something you like, either on my website or somewhere else.




Have any of your paintings been used by home staging/interiors design clients previously?

I have been commissioned by a number of clients who have been looking for a special bespoke painting for their home. Recently I have been thinking more about how I can further expand. I'm excited to offer my services and skills, to complement the home staging and interior design profession. 


Do you believe unique paintings contribute to home staging success?

We all know that de-personalising a home makes it extremely useful for helping buyers better connect with a property. 

You want to focus your efforts on the rooms that have the biggest potential to influence buyers’ decisions, and spend less time on the rooms that won’t make much of a difference.

However, by having a unique painting in that one room, it really has the potential to make a difference.  Having an Artwork on display that provides a lasting impression on the buyer, might just give you the edge to help secure a sale.


What difference does a painting make to a room in your opinion?

A painting can make a powerful impact to a room. A neutral and blank room is a great starting point, but a painting is really going to break the monotony of your walls when selling.

It creates ambience, contrast (with either colour or texture), provides an instant colour palette and helps make the room look finished. It provides focus, and can even be a conversation starter with the viewer.



The use of frames can be something that can really finish off a painting. Obviously, this depends on the style of the home, for example you might decide on an Art-Deco style, or a simple raw wood frame.

Additionally, with the use of mirrors in a room you can reflect the artwork. Recently, I have been experimenting with LED back lit paintings to create some stunning mood lighting effects. These can also be controlled by Wi-Fi and linked up to your smart home lighting.

What colour palette do you enjoy using most?

I genuinely love everything about colours and I take influence from a wide range of finishes and techniques.

I am very interested in layered custom automotive paint techniques and finishes, for example, Candies, Metallics, Pearls, Chameleon, Prismatic paints and seeing how these could be applied in my paintings.


Do you think paintings provoke emotion?

Artists are no stranger to the capacity of artworks to draw out emotions or rather use emotions to paint masterpieces. Art as a communication of emotion channels or evokes feelings that we all are experiencing in an almost poetic way. 

As the case when you read a sad tale, feeling pity or empathy for the fictional character. Or as you feel the rain pouring down from the heavens above on the green field below, a sight of calmness and tranquillity takes over. Much like that, photographs and poems of good days or happier times bring us joy. Art that evokes emotions is derived from emotions as well.


How do you promote your work?

I use all the usual social media platforms, but I have been spending time on writing content and refining the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of my website to drive organic traffic. I am actively trying to promote my work by gaining backlinks and exploring new target audiences and niche markets.

You can follow my blog to read more about my influences and explore advanced art techniques, amazing insider tips, inspirational ideas and expert guidance. Get insights on what I do, what I like and how I work.


What is your current focus?

My current focus is tapping into and exploring new opportunities and markets. Many artists struggle with the concept that nowadays you really have to spend time marketing yourself, as much as you create art.



How has lockdown affected you & your work?

As I mentioned earlier, Ren Creative Works was launched at the start of 2020 and by March, I couldn't believe what happened!

The lockdown has really affected the traditional walk in galleries and the push towards e-commerce has opened up a lot of alternative opportunities.

When the economy is hit, luxury items and non-essentials typically tend to suffer. I believe as we are spending more time at home now, it is important to invest in home luxuries to make our homes and workspaces more comfortable. Furthermore, through the clever application of colour psychology, there is an opportunity to improve one's well-being.

I think it is important to empathise that everyone has been affected by this situation, but I think it has allowed people to focus and spend more time on what's really important in life.

Who was your biggest inspiration?

Good question, most likely Salvador Dalí and you can read more about some of my inspirations on my blog: 8 Artists Who Have Influenced, Inspired and Motivated Me Over the Years.

What's your favourite decor piece in your house?

I could say oh a piece brought back from Cartagena in Spain, but to be honest I'm very fond of Lego! I have started a limited-edition collection, so at the moment my small but hopefully growing collection will have its own display area.  


What's your favourite room in the house? 

It is probably the living room, as that is where friends and family can gather. 

However, I am quite fond of the ‘functional’ traffic areas' of homes or buildings. Hallways, stairs and. landings are areas that sometimes get overlooked and have great potential to be quite interesting.



There’s no doubt that Adrian and his work ethic have you inspired. Launching at the start of the pandemic encouraged Adrian to focus on what is important. We are truly inspired by Adrian and Ren Creative Works! 

The HSA know the importance of linking professionals within the home staging industry and artists are included in this too. Artists can provide finishing touches and help home stagers bring their projects to a close. 

With a heavy focus on social media, Adrian is easy to find and open to help. Similar to us, Adrian has a blog to help you get the insight scope even further. Follow his socials and get in contact using his contact information below:  

Website = www.adrianreynolds.ie
Email = [email protected]
Instagram = @rencreativeworks
Twitter = @ren_creates


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