01 Dec 2020 By Francesca Hadland

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Is there something missing from your room? A pop of colour? A touch of vibrancy? Add a house plant! Indoor plants are organic, free form and clean, whether you choose small succulents, ornamental orchids or potted trees, and their life span are much longer than that of cut flowers. 


When choosing a plant to suit your room, it's important to take a few things into account. First, the container: consider that the pot you place your plant in should match the plant itself, as well as the room it's in. Second, remember that your plant needs light, so place it in a spot that looks good for you and does good for your plant! Finally, and most important, what plant should you choose? Here are my personal recommendations for your new house plant.


Areca Palm

  • Areca palms start small but grow big – make sure you have a pot big enough to house your palm

  • Make a statement - their elegant, long leaves add a tropical vibe to any room


Boston Fern

  • Perfect for your bathroom – Boston ferns love humidity, so they'll work excellently in your shower room or downstairs loo for a beautiful burst of green colour

  • Clean the air – like other house plants, Boston ferns clean toxins from the air to purify your space




  • An inexpensive addition – as Monstera are fairly inexpensive to buy and grow quickly, they'll soon be an excellent statement feature in your home

  • Instantly recognisable – Monstera have become popular in recent years due to the iconic shape of their beautiful leaves 




So, for your next home accessory choose a house plant. It will freshen up your home, improve your air quality and can even aid in reducing stress!

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