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Colour Trends 2021


By Anita Richardson,

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What will be the trending colours for the year ahead and how can you use them in your designs.


We are only just into 2021 and it’s already gearing up to be quite a year! With emotions running higher than ever, it understandable that we are all looking to make our interiors more reflective of the home we want to live in, and the world we want to be a part of. Here House Wow√ dive into discussion about what the industry are predicting for the year ahead, and our own opinions on what colours to keep an eye out for in 2021.


Dulux’s colour prediction for 2021


Every year, the trends for the next year are highly influenced by paint manufacturers; often based unsurprisingly on sales. Dulux are predicting 2021’s trending colour will be Brave Ground: a warm, natural, neutral shade of stony brown.


Dulux Brave Ground


However, don’t be surprised if our House Wow® interior designers are not leaping to use Dulux’s colour trend every time. We often suggest that paint colour choice should not be made because of trends, but rather selected for suitability to unique spaces and within a cohesive design scheme for all elements of the space.

Similarly, Farrow and Ball are suggesting other brown-based earthy tones will be trending this year too, with Deep Reddish Brown, Tanner’s Brown and Preference Red showcased in their 2021 Colour Trends blog released in October.


Farrow & Ball Colours


Farrow and Ball are often looked to by Interior Designers for consistent colour standards. As an iconic British manufacturer of paints and wallpapers, their style and colour palettes are primarily based on historic and reliable trends.

Whilst there seems to be a push towards earthy browns by leading paint manufacturers, the success of last year’s use of greys and white, dark navy walls and citrus colours cannot be ignored when predicting colour trends for 2021.


Pantone’s colour predictions for 2021


Pantone named 2 colours as their colours of 2021; only the second time ever that they have listed two colours.




‘The shades chosen are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating – a rock gray and a sunshine yellow, respectively;’ a clever combination of strength and sunshine; a hope for 2021 if ever we had one.

And continuing with the bold colours, Benjamin Moore's Helen Shaw suggested the continued popularity of rich and regal hues, such as royal blue, ruby red and emerald green.’


‘This style statement has also been taken a step further by fashion forward consumers, being combined with a lustrous, high gloss finish to create a look that oozes luxury and opulence.’


House Wow’s use of trending colours


House Wow® install a range of colour themes as show homes for developers and for home owners wanting to sell their property.




From natural earthy tones to luxurious golds and neutral backdrops, to ocean inspired blues and aqua. The success of the property sales showed us that buyers loved the schemes and wanted to live there.

Whilst having first-hand experience of how the industry have used colour this year, we have also witnessed the rise of other related trends.

It’s also important to note where colour trend predictions match social and cultural focuses for the year ahead; indicating colours to really keep an eye on.


Instagram’s colour trend of 2020


Livingetc highlighted the Farrow and Ball colour Bancha as one the most popular paint colours of 2020 according to Instagram.

‘Bancha by Farrow & Ball is great for a statement wall and is popular in rooms that are well-lit, or window heavy. It’s a strong colour and creates a Zen-like atmosphere in a room.’



The use of Greens and Biophilic design for 2021


With a continued interest on biophilic design set to continue into 2021 and beyond, it is no surprise that greens play a significant part in 2021 colour trends.

‘Helen Shaw, Director of Benjamin Moore UK, agrees that green is THE color in paint trends 2021, saying: ‘Green is a color created organically within nature, it’s a color that connects us to the environment, which many find soothing. ‘This is a shade that works especially well in an urban, technology heavy home to create an earthiness and counteract the feeling of the ‘artificial’.


This is further supporter by Farrow and Ball’s blog on ‘2021 Colour Trends: Natural Greens’ released in December 2020.

Joa Studholme rightly commented that reasoning behind ‘green paint’s popularity is its sheer variety, ranging from the bright intensity of Verdigris Green and Arsenic to the deep drama of Duck Green and Studio Green.’

With a real emphasis on bringing elements of the outside, inside, Joa championed the Evergreen colour as a ‘comforting one: soothing, earthy tones that reflect our need to be close to nature’. Joa highlighted Sap Green, Green Smoke and Treron particularly.


comforting one: soothing, earthy tones that reflect our need to be close to nature.


“Bringing the elements of the natural world into our interiors encourages personal growth as well as evoking a feeling of calm,” says Joa. “All greens reinforce our connection to nature, but these three shades are particularly grounding, making them the perfect welcoming start to a journey through your home.”


House Wow’s colour predictions for 2021


Last year’s trends indicate a big focus on earthy colours, which is likely to extend into 2021. More than ever, our interiors and homes are being reflected on; with property sales on the increase and interior design services in demand more than ever.

There is also a general design trend to use more natural, plant based colours and features within interior design; one that will also be reflected in colour trends demonstrated by the discussion around a variety of green shades. There is a real emphasis on creating our own natural oasis’ in our homes through interior design, with the need to improve our wellbeing during these difficult times in as many ways as possible.

With our colour choices being heavily influenced by our emotions, 2021 will inevitably see the return of golds in accessories and furnishing. Beautifully complimented by tones influenced by biophilic design benefits, such as earthy tone backdrops and greens; the use of golds will certainly be a popular choice. The blend of gold and colour schemes reflecting nature will blend to maximise the feeling of wellbeing that we gain from biophilic design.

One thing is for sure, in 2021 the House Wow team will continue to work closely with our clients to make colour choices that are suitable to the property type, the furnishing style and conducive of the mood required. We’ll be working on opening up spaces when cool and open atmospheres are needed, and creating cosy comfortable family spaces where preferred.


Further support with your colour schemes for 2021?


If you have a project coming up requiring specialist support to style, stage and create the perfect colour palette then get in touch. House Wow® experts across the UK deliver services for Interior Design, Show Homes, Home Staging, Furniture Rental, Occupied home staging, Photography Styling and Renovation project management. We work with residential clients, House builders, Developers, Property Investors, Estate Agents and Holiday home owners to achieve optimum results whether staying, selling or renting property.

Contact the Team at House Wow® for further information about our services.

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