16 Jul 2021 By Emma Joyce

Common Issues When Renovating A Home And How To Prepare For Them

Renovating a house is never easy and new homeowners are sometimes faced with many problems during this process. It’s always better to be prepared for some of the most common issues that happen during the renovation process, though, because that will help you react and know how to fix them. In addition to that, this list can help you during house hunting and you can check some of the most common problems that many sellers try to hide. Once you start the renovation process, there’s no turning back – all you need to do is to think about solving problems as you continue with renovations and fix everything before moving in.

Exterior issues

Fixing the exterior is far from cheap, and that’s why many sellers choose not to renovate it before putting the house on the market. This allows you to see the real condition of the exterior, but sometimes there are some things you can’t see while you’re looking for a home. You need to choose the color for your exterior and make sure it will make your house stand out.

Cracks in plaster walls and roofing issues are something that can be masked quite easily so this is something that you need to inspect during renovations. Sometimes all you’ll have to do is to patch up the cracks and make sure they don't spread, as well as fix a part of the roof to prevent it from leaking during heavy rains.

Outdated plumbing and electrical work

This is probably the first thing you need to check before starting any other project. In older homes, plumbing and electricity are usually made from hazardous materials that aren’t healthy to keep in your home. Many of those materials are not allowed to be in a modern home and you won’t pass the inspection if you don’t replace them. 

To avoid bad electrical wiring and potential plumbing issues, make sure to do a thorough inspection in all parts of the home and replace everything that is not up to code. These are some of the first things that will cause problems if you don’t fix them at the beginning, so handle them right now.

Check for the leaks

Unfortunately, can’t see the leaks or the places where the leak is probably going to happen on your own. This is something that can happen at any time, so you need to inspect possible leaks before they even occur. They are hard to identify, but usually easy to fix so it’s always better to check the status of your home and avoid possible leaks in the future. 

Do this at the early stages of the renovation process to avoid potential problems at the places you already fixed. This is something you can’t and shouldn’t do on your own because you can do more harm than to solve the problem. People in Australia turn to professionals, for instance, including companies like Detec NSW to help them with solving any leakage problems.

Insect invasion and asbestos

You can’t know if your house has asbestos problems and this is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with quickly and properly. Although homeowners don’t like spending money on projects that can’t be seen once the work is finished, when it comes to problems like these, this is a must. Asbestos can cause serious health problems and you can’t postpone this process.

The same goes for insects, as they will only multiply even more if you don’t fix this problem right now.

The most serious problems are termites because they can cause problems with the foundation and make your list of renovations even longer.

Foundation problems

This is a problem many older houses have and it’s sometimes hard to understand how serious this can be. In the past, builders made houses up to codes that were made for a particular age and type of building. 

Today, we face many environmental changes that can have a huge effect on our homes and that is why they need to have a firm structure and foundation. This will prevent some serious issues like mold in your basement, cracks in the floors and walls, or bad support for your whole house.

It’s better to be prepared for all the problems you can face during house renovation and learn how to fix them properly. So, don’t be afraid to spend some time and money on a thorough inspection, and be sure that your house is safe to avoid potential renovations in the future.


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