01 Aug 2018

Different Levels of Home Staging

By Amanda Green from Property By Design

While Home Staging plays a huge part in Real Estate Sales in America and Australia, Britain are still very slow in following suit! This is a very disappointing fact as it is one immensely easy way to increase the value of your property and in most cases minimal effort and financial outlay.


You would be mistaken to think that there is only one option of Staging, there are several different levels and options predominantly dictated by the value of the property in question.


·      The majority of my Clients homes only tend to need decluttering, furniture placement tweaks, soft furnishings and accessories to add colour and encourage the properties flow.


·      The next level is a property that may need assistance with repair and decorating, for example kitchen tiles may be missing or a worktop damaged, these can be repaired by our handyman. Maybe the walls and woodwork are looking a little tired and could do with a lick of paint to refresh them. This will cost a little more than the first option but goes hand in hand with the final result – the best possible return on your property.


·      Occasionally a property comes along that needs a bigger budget. This could be a property that needs updating and in its current condition would be marketed for several hundred thousand below its possible guide price. If the property owner has the budget and is willing to have the renovation carried out on their behalf the return can often be very worthwhile.


·      Another staging that is a costlier option is one that is required possibly for a complete renovation or even a new build. The property is usually completely empty so therefore will require dressing from scratch. Depending on the value of the property it could be too costly to stage the whole property so therefore key areas such as the living room, dining room, Master bedroom and Kitchen can be dressed to show potential buyers how the space can be lived in. A guide price to staging can be between 1 to 3% of the property value.


Remember, Staging always costs less than the first price reduction! 

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