01 Apr 2021 By Lexi Bosworth - HSA

Home Staging vs. Interior Design


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Everyone in the property industry works together to give our clients the best possible results and make connections along the way. However, this does mean specific roles in the property industry can get confused. 


As home stagers, we notice a confusion with our fellow professionals, the Interior Designers. Now we understand the confusion, but we want to help you understand what you’re in for when you employ a Home Stager and how they work hand in hand with Interior Designers. 


Let’s begin with what is Home Staging. Home Staging is an excellent marketing tool that 100% of estate agents agreed made it easier for potential buyers to visualise a property as their future home. It involves preparing a house for the market, within your budget, to help it sell in the fastest time and at the best price.


Home Stagers complete a home by bringing together an aesthetic that appeals to the highest number of potential buyers.


On the other hand, Interior Design is focused on the structural changes, the floor plans and functions of space within the house. It allows clients to become attached to the design of their home and bring their own ideas to life. Clients can create homes with their personal tastes and requirements in mind, all with the help of an Interior Design professional. 


Interior Designers do the opposite of Stagers: they personalise the property to the client’s requirements, whereas Home Staging creates a neutral space.


Home Staging focuses on appealing to a wide variety of potential clients that could turn into buyers. Stagers dress a property and make use of decluttering and de-personalising techniques to make space for the next homeowner. 


On top of this, if you’ve been living in your home for a while and feel distant from the previous warm feeling of the home or want to refresh and not sure how, Home Stagers are the ones to call! We will bring you and your home back together, reuniting that special relationship. 


The lines can be blurred between Home Stagers and Interior Designers but now that it’s clear, you will know who to call for your next project!


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Great article

Thanks HSA for a very useful article explaining the differences between staging and interior design. The Property Presenters offer both services, but do find that sometimes clients don't necessarily understand the difference. We agree with all the points raised here, but would like to add that there are also some similarities. We feel that to stage a property successfully, there needs to be an understanding of some of the key interior design principles, which is why it's important for clients to employ the services of a qualified and experienced home staging business.

April 2021

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