24 Mar 2020 By Natalie Evans

Mastering "Juggling" with Natalie Evans of Little Barn Door

I have never been a fan of the term, “juggling”. Never….I’m not a clown in a circus - I am just a busy business owner with family commitments, which doesn’t mean my actions resemble the comical movements of a red nosed circus character.

But, with the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, I find myself slowly becoming the master of it.

I don’t have a red nose or giant shoed feet - but I am “juggling” questions, activities, insecurities and responsibilities, all flying in from different angles and needing equal attention to keep everything moving.

  • Should I post a blog?

  • Should I downsize my storage?

  • Is my instagram post insensitive?

  • Is there anything in the pipeline?

  • What time should we do phonics?

  • How am I going to get junior dairy free milk?

  • Is my business about to fail?

All questions that people all over the world are asking as they try to work, housekeep, homeschool and stay safe.

But, what is the right answer?

There isn’t one. Everyone’s situation is so so very different and I would love to tell you that I am writing this because I, super positive Natalie (from Little Barn Door) has the solution - but no.

I’m writing this, so that if you too are learning to juggle, you can have peace of mind that I am right here with you.

Remember to breathe, remember to take gratitude in the small things around you, try to cut costs (where possible) and be present - whether that is as a business or in a room with your children. 


Stay positive and stay safe,




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