17 May 2021 By Marta Calderara Dalla Cola - HSA

Paloma Harrington-Griffin’s Five Top Picks to Invest In When Starting Your Business!

Starting a new business venture can be extremely invigorating but also incredibly daunting. 

You’ve spent months and months working on your project, your creation is finally coming to life and ready to be launched. This is all too exciting but it often comes with uncertainty and self-doubt. 

Following the all-time high and thrill of your business concept’s creation, now you have to face the fact that the moment is finally here. 
As exciting as it sounds, it’s also scary to launch something that you deeply care about and have invested lots of time, energy and resources! 

We believe that having a positive environment around you that matches your personality, your brand and vision is something that can truly make a difference. 

Your surroundings will showcase your brand’s personality, giving a glimpse into not only your own taste but also what your business could be like to anyone interested in working with you. 

That is why we are absolutely ecstatic to introduce the ANYDAY range by John Lewis & Partners.
The perfect brand to help out new business owners to create their ideal space, coming up with an elegant and sophisticated look at affordable prices. 

ANYDAY is John Lewis & Partners’ latest venture into home décor. 

Their foresight led them to create this stylish but affordable brand. Now more than ever it’s time to shake up our interior design by adding little touches here and there of trendy but timeless products. 

With this new brand, John Lewis & Partners sets out to transform any environment into the one of your dreams by offering good-quality products at an affordable price. You won’t need to compromise anymore on quality or pricing but will have the best of both words in your designated space. 

ANYDAY is able to cater to customers at any life stage, offering products geared towards both home and office spaces. Therefore, there’s a line designed for any area: ANYDAY Living, Dine, Cook and, last but not least, a special line made with the littlest ones in mind, Nursery & Babywear. 

All these reasons and so much more made this new brand the obvious choice when looking for items to invest in when setting up your new business. 

Indeed we turned to Paloma Harrington-Griffin, founder of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland, to hear what her top picks would be for a person who’s just starting a business and wants to make the best impression. 

Harrington-Griffin came up with a list of items that will make you feel more confident when introducing yourself to potential investors, buyers and clients! 

All these items were picked with one thing in mind: showcasing personal taste while also remaining as neutral as possible, building an elegant and trendy space that shines on its own. 


So, without further ado, here’s Paloma Harrington-Griffin’s five top picks to invest in: 


1. An elegant table lamp!

ANYDAY John Lewis & Partners’ Terrazzo Bulbholder Table Lamp, £ 18. Available here:


2. A dining table with matching chairs

ANYDAY John Lewis & Partners’ Crescent 4 Seater Dining Table, White, £ 99.00. Available here:


ANYDAY John Lewis & Partners’ Whistler Dining Armchair, White, £ 109.00. Available here:


3. An accent colour sofa to make your place stand out!

ANYDAY John Lewis & Partners’ Clapton Fixed Back Sofa Bed, Light Leg, Fraser Teal, £ 299.00. Available here:


4. A console table for your office’s corners!

ANYDAY John Lewis & Partners’ Classic Bobbin Console Table, Grey, £ 179.00. Available here:


5. A side table: the most sought after piece of furniture nowadays!

ANYDAY John Lewis & Partners’ Jax Large Side Table, Black, £ 69.00. Available here:


Get creative and inspired by checking out all the items available from this new and affordable brand for your everyday needs! 



John Lewis & Partners operates 50 shops across the UK as well as johnlewis.com

Their trade department, John Lewis & Partners Business, is here to help you deliver your project with creativity, quality, and expertise. 

HSA Members have access to special conditions when ordering with John Lewis & Partners Business. 

Please access the members area for more information on how to place your order or contact the John Lewis & Partners Business team directly - contact details also available in the members area.

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