01 Dec 2021 By Emma Joyce

Staging a House on a Budget: Tricks for a Stunning Home

No matter how many changes you’ve made in order to make your house look amazing before putting it on market, it’s the staging that will help it attract potential buyers. Most people selling their homes quickly realize the power of great staging because it’s the details that make people think about living there and seeing how the home could look once they move in. From choosing the right style that will look appealing to most homebuyers to selecting even the smallest details, you can stage your house without breaking the bank and sell it in no time.

Declutter everything

Potential buyers want to get the feeling of how would they will living in that house so it needs to be not only dressed up well but need to declutter and clean before the open house day. This goes for everything - from your closets to every small nook in your home. Even though this is your home, buyers like to look into every corner in order to make their final decision. Make sure to clean and organize everything because that polished look will play a major role in the overall feeling of the house. Add different pieces of furniture and decorative pieces but leave some parts of the house a bit empty so that buyers could visualize their items in the house.

Choose one style

You won’t be able to choose an interior style that will suit every potential buyer, but there are some styles that are appealing to most people. After you pick a specific style, you need to make sure not to overdo things and keep in mind that you’re not renovating a place that’s going to be yours - instead, you’re just getting it ready for someone else. People tend to get carried away and add too many tiny items that can end up cluttering your living space. In addition to that, one of the most common mistakes is that people can’t decide on just one style, so they try to blend a couple of different influences together. Unfortunately, this can make your space look messy and unwelcoming, and that’s not something you want if you’re trying to sell it.

Get help from friends

If you don’t have enough furniture or need help finding the right way to create a nice flow in your home, ask your friends to help you out. Use some of their furniture pieces to complete the look of a certain room - from a small coffee table and books that can look nice on your shelves to some chairs that will create a relaxing reading nook. This is probably the cheapest way to add more style to your space without buying new furniture. Make sure to transfer everything safely, though, and find a reliable ute hire in Australia to make that happen. By doing this task on your own, you can make sure that everything goes smoothly and that the furniture is moved correctly.

Give purpose to spaces

If you have a room in your house that you don’t use, make sure to give it a purpose so that buyers can see its full potential. Turning it into a guest room is what people usually do, but you can create an office space or a nursery instead. Knowing who your home might attract will help you come up with a decision and style that extra room properly. It’s always better to do this instead of leaving the space empty - in that case, nobody would actually see the size of the room and all the potential behind it. You don’t have to go overboard, and a few simple hints will do the trick and your buyers will appreciate the effort. This is sometimes the deciding factor when it comes to making an offer, so use all the space you have and show others how to use every part of the home.

Ask for professionals

Sometimes it’s better to invest a certain part of your budget into getting help from professional stagers who know how to stage a house and get it sold quickly. This can even boost the price of your house because professional stagers know how to connect all the rooms and use the potential your house has, no matter how small or big it is. Sometimes, the details they pick can make your space bigger, wider, nicer, classier, or perfect for a family of potential buyers.


Staging doesn’t have to be a hard and long process if you know what to do or leave everything to the professionals. This is the final step before selling your house, so you need to look into every part of it and figure out what you want it to present. Creating a home that buyers can connect to is crucial if you want to avoid creating an unsellable house, so start doing that right now.


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