01 Feb 2020 By Lucie Denise

A Stylish Project by Lucie Denise Interiors

This wonderful project was for a private residential client that I have worked with for a few years now.

They originally came to me for my Interior Design services wanting to remodel and redesign their existing home. However their family home is also a project that they anticipate selling in 5 years, therefore as shrewd investors my clients realised that the Home Staging skills I also possess would be invaluable to them.

It has given them the security of knowing that not only will I develop a beautifully stylish, functional and practical home. It will also have longevity and the design will add value and buyer appeal when they come to sell.

This room was their attic room and was a cold, cluttered, unloved dumping ground with a bleak north facing aspect. My clients had a desperate wish to turn it into a stylish and welcoming working environment as they were beginning to work more and more from home.

They also wanted it to be used as a secondary seating room to spend time as a family watching movies and playing computer games. 

So the brief of turning a cold, cluttered and forgotten room into a warm, welcoming study, living room, cinema room and games room was quite a tall order considering the rooms awkward L shape with its sloping eave ceilings. The second large stumbling block was that the project had a very limited budget. Originally, they had wanted storage put into the eaves to store all the clutter. However the budget proved too limiting and we had to abandon this.

We therefore started by decluttering the room and using the existing cupboards to store all the clutter efficiently and neatly. The room was then painted and cheap but effective carpet laid keeping the existing underlay to save costs.

A small area of wall was papered with a lovely wallpaper which had a wonderful reflective quality. This was put opposite the only windows in the room to help reflect extra light around the room. I selected from my library of trade accounts a company that has wonderful stylish and high end furniture at extremely affordable prices.

Then with careful layout planning balancing the light sources strategically we were able to produce and transform the room into a bright and stylish room fulfilling all three new functions. My clients were delighted having exceeded all their expectations.

When you meet your client’s expectations you know you have done your job but when you exceed them you know you have done your job properly.


Learn more about Lucie Denise Interiors and their beautiful projects by visiting their website http://luciedenise.co.uk.



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