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The Power Of Virtual Staging - Case Studies by Property CGI Ltd

Home staging is a valuable tool when it comes to selling or renting properties faster. Indeed, quite often the final offer exceeds both the home owner and real estate agent expectations. 

Hence, when home owners or real estate agents turn to home stagers to help them fasten the process they know that the house they’re presenting, often vacant and in need of repair, will turn into a dream house capable of attracting more and more viewers. Home stagers are able to enhance a property’s features and subsequently raise its value and appeal, captivating more potential buyers or tenants. 

At the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland we know how important it is to show our members real life scenarios so that they can have not only the techniques needed to improve their home staging businesses but also facts and figures of the business. 

Sometimes, this needs to be shown to the potential buyer before the property is actually ready, or when the budget or access do not allow full physical staging.

For this reason, we selected three case studies from Virtual Staging company and HSA Member Property CGI Ltd that show that, even right after the 2021 lockdown, people still came through when it came to choosing their new home and that’s largely due to the buzz that virtual home staging techniques were able to create around these properties. 

April 2021: Private Client in Recar Rd, Sheffield



This wonderful 4 bed semi-detached house for sale in Sheffield was entirely renovated through home staging techniques that made it possible for potential viewers to see, even through pictures, the property’s potential. 

As a matter of fact, as soon as the property was listed by a private client on Zoopla, it got the attention of a lot of people that at that time were scrolling through the website. Indeed, three viewings were scheduled within the first couple of hours of listing and we believe that it was largely due to the fact that the property presented already felt like a dream place to be.


The end of lockdown, the incoming end of stamp duty holiday and the intuition of a great home stager made it possible for this private homeowner to catch potential buyers’ attention right from the start. 


April 2021: Latymer Court - Chestertons



This property in Hammersmith, London, caught our attention as soon as we saw it on the market because we recognised from the start that a great home stager was behind those incredible pictures, available on the site. Unlike the property in Sheffield, it wasn’t a private client who decided to turn to a home stager but a real estate agency. As the market in London is incredibly competitive and there’s a lot of people all the time who are looking for houses that have to meet a lot of different requirements, it is very hard to deal with all that as a private client so turning to real estate agents seems the obvious choice. Indeed it was Chestertons, one of the oldest firms of estate agents that put the property on the market. 



So how did home staging come into play? This property had loads of enquires from the start and it benefitted not only from home staging techniques but also from the combination of staging and the latest technology magic: CGI photos were added shortly after its listing, adding that feeling of countless possibilities to the already brilliant property showcased. 

It is no wonder that a let was agreed within the week! 


April 2021: Plot 7 Walcot Yard - Knight Frank



Our latest case study takes you to Bath, Somerset. Just like the other two properties, this house was put on the market in April, shortly after the end of lockdown. 

The real estate agency Knight Frank was in charge of the sale and decided to collaborate with a home staging business to speed up the process. 

This time technology played a bigger role into this staging project: virtual staging was used and the result achieved was literally mind-blowing. 

As virtual staging is an emerging reality that has been growing steady also due to the continuous lockdowns that have made it harder to carry out in-person projects, there is still a lot to learn when it comes to it. We believe in the power of virtual staging but we know that sometimes it can seem not as tangible to potential buyers or tenants. 

However, following the new virtually staged images, Knight Frank immediately got three offers. 



As if that wasn’t brilliant enough, we were informed that two of these offers were above the asking price. For this reason, there’s no denying that the new imagery certainly played a huge role, allowing clients to truly dream about their time in this wonderful property. 

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