The Trouble with The ‘Master Bedroom’ in Real Estate

If you thought the world of real estate was free of out-of-date terminology, you are mistaken. We have adopted words in the past without realising the true depths to which they are shrouded in systems of societal oppression.

Use of the term ‘master bedroom’ has crept into the debate in recent years, with calls to instead refer to a main or primary bedroom. Inconsistent adoption of the term has failed to generate the necessary friction to reach abandonment. For the HSA, always remaining on the side of progress is integral to its philosophy.

It is thought that transformations in buyer demographic mean open-minded young buyers who are in touch with debates on entrenched societal inequality are unlikely to identify with its use. The term ‘master’ having roots in slavery and female oppression, suggests a master of the house; not only out of touch but driving a divisive socio-economic line between men and women when used in relation to a property.

Language both reflects and influences our thoughts. Nurturing this change in terminology will help the field stand in unison with changes in society that seek to give voice to historically muted groups. A rejection of problematic language promotes cohesion within the industry and goes a long way towards standardising the term more broadly.

The HSA invites its members to consider how they can adapt in light of recent events, presenting the opportunity to modernise agendas and encourage good client relations. If you’d like any advice on the best way to approach this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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