Top Picks for Festive Styling

Winter is a time when a home can really come alive. We spend more time indoors and more time entertaining others in our homes. Homes can be warm, cosy and full of people enjoying themselves around the festive season.

But how do we make them even more appealing to a market looking for the next place they call home?

Artwork can bring the walls to life as the colours can be used to compliment furnishings and catch the buyers attention. Using seasonal colours and designs can help to bring the vision of an inviting home to life.

Take a look at these top picks for your Festive Styling by Art Art Art.


No.1 Modern Nostalgia

With nostalgia set to become a big trend in 2022 Christmas is the perfect time to start to bring it into your homes. With a subtle nod to retro fabrics and brass furniture this style sets the scene for a stylish festive home.

People are coming together to catch up and reminisce about good times during the festive season.

Abstract artwork with hints of gold is the perfect way to compliment details in furniture. Dark colours make the space ultra-modern and cool. Art prints with a textured effect tie in nicely with soft furnishings in a room as seen here with a velvet effect.

Works well in: Period properties, city apartments and new builds.

Prints: Art Simplicity 2, Velvet Shapes 3, Velvet Shapes 4


No.2 Entertain

Winter is often the time for loved ones to come together, celebrate, reunite, and enjoy each other’s company. Homes become more than just a living space they become bars, restaurants and even party venues for the night!

Show how your home can be the perfect place to entertain guests with bright colours and quirky artwork. Give people something memorable to talk about that catches their eye.

Modern art that uses graphical style shapes emulates those seen in many cool bars and restaurants. The bright colours and mixture of contrasting shades works well when you’re looking to make a stylish space to party.

Works well in: Period properties, townhouses, city living

Prints: Off Chart 2, Off Chart 1, Earthen Sunset


No.3 Hygge

Hygge, a Danish term, means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people – just what the festive season is all about! The warm glow of candlelight, cosying up and watching a movie or sitting down with family and friends are all element of hygge in our homes.

After so much uncertainty people are seeking feelings of comfort and security from their homes, so this style is perfect. It’s also a sustainable styling choice for the festive season as it can transition seamlessly into the new year.

Artwork that uses neutral colours with simple, clean lines and bold shapes works perfectly. Typography that reminds us to ‘think more hygge’ is also a great addition to add a personal touch to a home.

Works well in: Country living, new build homes and apartments

Prints: Intraconnected II, Mug Stack, Live in the Moment  


You can view all of these art prints and order them fully framed at


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