01 Feb 2021 By Lexi Bosworth - HSA

Trends to leave in 2020

2021 has begun, although greeted with a lockdown, time is going quick allowing us to reflect on things that should be left in 2020. 

I could name plenty of things to leave in 2020, which I don’t doubt is the same for all of you! At HSA, we believe that looking back at the trends that belong in 2020 allows us to look back and realise how far we’ve come, even when it doesn’t feel like it. 

Use our trend look-back below to bring you that one step closer to creating your dream home in 2021, creating someone else’s dream home or even just to impress visitors (of course when we’re allowed visitors again): 

Modern Lines 

In 2020, the industrial look in the home was desired. Sharp edges, stiff leather and cold marble countertops allowed a unique style to a house that people were ecstatic to return to after a long day at work. 

In 2021, we want the opposite. The industrial look appeal disappeared since we are confined to our homes. Instead, replace the sharp edges and stiff leather with with curved surface edges and cosy end sofas, creating that authentic home appeal. 

Open Plan

Having the whole family at home is something to appreciate! It is an unusual situation that we don’t get often. However, no matter how much gratitude you have for your family, sometimes you need your own space.

With the kids learning via zoom, office meetings being held online and university students completing deadlines in their own homes, not the library, it can be difficult. Open plan can lead to a lack of privacy and potentially feel crammed. 

More importantly, your family in the background causing distractions and interrupting your work call might not set the best impression. This is just one tip for video conference backgrounds, if you want more our ‘Tips for Staging Your Video Conference Backdrop’ article gives you the ins and outs of creating a professional background! 

‘Fast Furniture’ 

‘Fast furniture’ has increased popularity in the last 10 years, with bargains and cheap toss furniture appealing to the masses.

However, in 2021 we understand that it is a sustainability issue. Our ‘Fast-Furniture: Sustainability’s Upcoming Issue’ article highlights the concerning future of cheap toss furniture with shocking statistics such as a Mintel report in 2018 that shows furniture sales hit £17.2 billion, £13.3 being homewares. 

No need to worry, we have the solution! Investing in your future is the way forward. The longer lasting, higher quality furniture is a prominent trend. Either purchasing the furniture allows you to create a deeper meaning with your furniture but the option of renting is sustainable too. 

Many home stagers in the UK offer furniture rentals to help reduce waste and prevent textiles ending up in landfills. Luckily, within HSA we have amazing members who can help: 

- Roomservice by Cort offer a rental service, that you can entrust them with from start to finish. Let them take care of the finer details with their 30 years of experience and see the real benefits of banishing ‘fast-furniture’. 

- Another HSA member that you can trust for furniture rental is Instant Home. They allow you to rent by inventory, package or by item! Their 950+ product line has their customers raving with reviews and repeated custom. 

Another tip; If you have furniture at home that you need collecting sustainability, charities exist! One we recommend is Emmaus. As mentioned in the article linked, Emmaus recycles and reuses furniture, allowing them to create a home for someone in need. 

Faux Plants 

There is no doubt that faux plants can spruce up a room and are certainly easier to look after, but replacing them with real plants can bring unbeatable benefits. 

Use snake plant as an example. It improves indoor air quality overnight, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen as you sleep. Even better, it looks sensational too! 

Not convinced? Even plants as gorgeous as peace lilies can become an air pollutant removal! On top of this, due to its air quality, it can produce a floral scent that connects you to that outdoor feel. 

Why go faux, when you can go real and get all the added benefits?

Open Shelving Decor 

Open shelved decor and furniture when kept impeccable tie a home together no doubt, but the shelves being kept impeccable is hard! 

Small decorative open shelved decor is easier to keep de-cluttered but big shelves used for storage can become a mess. Decluttering is home staging 101 and this applies to the shelves. 

Think of alternative storage options that don’t clutter your shelves or your mind. Add storage boxes to conceal the clutter, leaving decor items on display only. 

You and your home will be thanking us for this trend look-back. Not sure what to replace these trends with?  

Read our ‘2021 Interior Design Trend Forecast’ to get the insight into 2021 you need! 

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