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Code of Conduct

The Home Staging Association United Kingdom has adopted the present Code of Conduct as a guide to the standards for ethical behaviour for its members and to protect professional standards, the Association’s members and the general public.

Members are required to conduct their business in a professional and ethical manner, beingresponsible for acting in compliance with applicable rules and regulations. In addition, it is expected that members will act with integrity and respect towards all and set a standard of conduct for the Association, being exemplary and sound in all interaction with companies and professionals.

All members of the Home Staging Association United Kingdom are responsible to comply with the Code of Conduct as written below.


Being Professional

  • Members shall honour all business contracts, agreements, and commitments.
  • Members shall only accept professional responsibilities for which they are fully qualified to perform.
  • Members are expected to be professional and truthful in all business-related interactions.
  • Members shall not discount their fees to compete with a regional member colleague.
  • Members shall not interfere with an existing business relationship between a client and any other member.


Interacting with Integrity

  • Members shall not endorse an individual known to be unqualified.
  • Members shall not engage in any form of misleading advertising.
  • Members shall not make false accusations about another member and/or their business, nor cause injury to their reputation.
  • Members should come forward if it comes to their knowledge that another member is performing or has performed any misconduct.
  • Members shall not participate in any breach of professionalism or any of the Association’s policy among their peers.
  • Members’ actions shall not reflect on the Association in any other way but positively.


Intellectual Property

  • Images taken from the Home Staging Association United Kingdom’s website can only be used with the Association’s written permission and with given credit.
  • All portfolio and marketing images used by the members must belong to the member and/or have express written permission of the homeowner or the photographer/copyright holder.
  • Members shall not make available nor sell Home Staging Association United Kingdom’s information or any other information intended for members only to any third parties (including mailing lists or electronic lists).
  • Members shall not take credit for any work other than their own.



  • Members shall not promote or share confidential and/or copy-written information from the Home Staging Association United Kingdom website or resources from events.
  • Use of information on the Association’s website are for active members only


Health And Safety

  • All members are responsible for applying Health and Safety regulations in their business, as well as being covered by required insurances.


Working with Ethics

Home Staging Association United Kingdom members agree to adhere to the ethics standards set by their training organization and/or company.

Members of the Home Staging Association United Kingdom are expected to be committed to:

  • Truthfulness and fairness
  • Honourability and originality

If perceived ethics violations and conflicts cannot be resolved by the Home Staging Association United Kingdom’s Director, the Association may bring the issue to the International IAHSP® European President for resolution of the issue. Members are urged to keep confidential all matters discussed to preserve reputations of all involved. The European President will review written claims and respond to the participants. They will allow participants thirty days to respond to the European President. All parties are expected to cooperate and facilitate the review process with intent of conflict resolution. Failure to respond to the committee's request will result in immediate forfeiture of member benefits for a minimum of thirty days.

Upon completion of the review, the Home Staging Association United Kingdom’s Director and the IAHSP® European President will recommend appropriate action. Action may include informal reprimand, formal reprimand with warning, or temporary or permanent forfeiture of member benefits and the Association’s sponsored opportunities. All inquiries remain confidential.

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