HI, I’M COMFORT SMITHSON, Owner of 31 Homes Staging and Styling. Think of me as that best friend that comes over, sits on your sofa, and helps you figure out your design dilemmas. With a little straight talk and some hand-holding, we’ll create the home you’ve always wanted, using mostly what you already have and a budget that you choose. Because I strongly believe that your belongings define your own private world. When you use them strategically, you can still achieve a beautiful and practical home that mirrors who you are. WHAT I DO & HOW I CAN HELP YOU I provide clear and simple strategies to fix most design problems in any home, so you • Avoid making costly design mistakes by getting a clear, complete, and fail-safe plan • Have the beautiful home you've always wanted, filled with your precious pieces that are reflections of your life journey • Learn to trust yourself and your design style. • Increase the resale value of your home, whether you are still living in it or planning to sell soon. My services include: ✅ Styling to Stay Work with me and finally get help and support sorting through your design ideas so you can create a cohesive, practical, and functional space for your family. ✅ Styling to Sell We focus on highlighting the most impressive assets of your property so that potential buyers imagine themselves moving in and living there. ✅ VIP design day An entire action-packed day while we work on an INTERIOR DESIGN TASK of your choice to update your home. We’ll work side-by-side uninterrupted to transform your space. Together we’ll work on goals, and I’ll hold you accountable. • WHO DO I WORK WITH Young homeowners looking to refresh their current home or sell their home. FIND OUT MORE OR GET IN TOUCH Email: [email protected] Visit: www.31homes.co.uk


TAUNTON, Somerset TA1 4RQ

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